Thursday, 20 July 2017

Double Trouble

Guardandolo si capiva subito che era il suo secondo matrimonio: aveva l'espressione di chi aveva fatto la stessa cazzata per due volte. E dalla sua espressione si capiva anche che la seconda volta era cascato peggio che alla prima.

Looking at him it was clear that that was his second marriage: he had the expression of who has screwed up twice. And his expression said also that this time he screwed it up much worse than the first time.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Danger of Post-Modernism 3

"This is insane. And this is why they are intellectual terrorists"

A Wild Multiple Apparatus of Knowing Discussion

Waiting Pentimento Intra-Observation

a paper by Anne Beate Reinertsen

The Danger of Post-Modernism 2

The Post-Modernists, the SJWs, the gender studies foxes, and the rest of the natural lobotomised are intellectual terrorists. They murder reason, they kill common sense, they slaughter science, they massacre human reason, human dignity, and human decency.

The Danger of Post-Modernism

The British are barbarians camped out
in the relics of an older and superior civilisation
to whose beauty they are oblivious.

When you degrade the Public Realm, you automatically degrade the quality of your city's life.

Friday, 7 July 2017


Perché i momenti felici bastano a se stessi; ma il dolore ha bisogno di chi lo condivida. E mentre i miei tempi si fanno più sereni, faccio foto che poi non condivido, immagino storie che non vi racconto, e i miei sogni ho ricominciato a tenerli per me solo.

Because the happy moments are sufficient unto themselves; but pain needs someone to share it with. And whilst my times get more serene I take photos which I won't share, imagine tales I will tell you not, and, once again, I keep my dreams for myself alone.